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Pronounced WISE 

Ys is an online community for the wise: people who have lived a while, experienced much and are still keen to learn and grow. YsPeople is a safe place to stay informed, learn new things, experience the unexpected, make friends and have a laugh. It is the place to express your views, share ideas and take a stand on things that matter to you, with the community's support.

We believe that:

  • Healthy living requires a strong sense of community
  • We all have a role in creating the world we need
  • Every human being has a story to tell -- and the right to be heard
  • Small business needs assistance combatting giants
  • It is possible and desirable to trade entirely ethically
  • Communities are good for consumers and businesses

YsFriends are entitled to a range of benefits including:

  1. Weekly updates on all that is new
  2. Unlimited access to content and services
  3. Sensational discounts on goods and services
  4. Fantastic prizes and competitions
  5. People listening to what you have to say
  6. Secure media constantly monitored
  7. Personalised content and personal dashboard

It costs nothing to read YsPeople and nothing to join our community.
So why not make it your community?

Please email me if you have any questions, queries, thoughts or comments: john@ysmediagroup.com

D. John Carlson, CEO