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About YsEpicure

A global village of three million members. Ys EPICURE is part of YsPeople, an online community controlled by its members. It integrates content, social media and online retailing. A global community, YsPeople is expected to engage three million members by 2020.

PURPOSE: Ys AUSTRALIA aims to be the world’s largest global village and support the world’s largest marketplace. VALUES: Create a sense of belonging; be as significant as it is sincere; to value and represent the members of its community; to engage, learn, grow and embrace new experiences daily; to provide a secure environment; to make the world a better place by giving back to the community; and to pursue excellence in all its endeavors.

YsEpicure is a powerful tool to enable and empower the online community to purchase an unrivalled range of epicurean products and services. They include beers, wines, spirits, teas, different coffees, fresh meat, preserved foods, exotic and imported foods, cheese and condiments, chocolate and confectionaries, herbs and spices, recipes, books, classes, kitchen equipment and supplies, cutlery, crockery and tableware, restaurants and take-away, events and venues, catering services and staff.

YsEpicure aims to meet the epicurean needs of an ever-growing and increasingly affluent, online community comprising millions of prospective, engaged, interested and active purchasers aged 50+ in the world of epicure.

How Producers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers benefit.

If your products or services suit educated, affluent and engaged people aged 50+ they are suited for listing on YsEpicure.

  • YsEpicure supplements your existing sales and online sales efforts. It does not replace them.
  • YsEpicure counterbalances downward pressures on margins you may face through traditional retail channels. It can therefore boost your margins and profitability for no cost.
  • YsEpicure provides access to global markets. It takes a small percentage of the sales price and therefore does not charge any fees. YsEpicure supplies all the technical support needed and trains you in how to use, operate and benefit from the site.
  • YsEpicure provides complete marketing and management support. It is safe, secure, and easy to use.
  • YsEpicure operates through a trust account.

  • To find out more, without obligation please contact us:

    Phone: Telephone: 0402 273 350